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Since everyone is so busy talking about Paris Hilton -- and since the LAzy Times is hell bent on being the INTERNATIONAL TIMES, instead of LA TIMES (Hey Dummies...isn't anything newsworthy of front page, above the fold coverage in this city? All you do is talk about the problems and things happening everywhere else in the world. What about the same shiznit happening right under your own upturned noses. The LA TIMES is nothing more than a diversionary tactic, sent out to the masses, by the political steamroll machine, to sidetrack y'all from the realest, dough.

I'm afraid I have to step in and declare an emergency ordinance:

Whereas, first of all, F*CK your coverage of Paris Hilton;

Whereas, WE GOT A COMPLETE LOCAL MEDIA BLACKOUT JUST AS THE CITY HAS PUT THE FOOT ON THE ACCELERATOR ON THE SHADIEST OF DOWNTOWN DEVELOPMENT POLICY. (See: Jan Perry. See also: Despicable. Superfluously arrogant. Grandeur in the "Emperors New Clothes" sense; and she has none);

Whereas, there are so many other issues almost as important as Paris Hilton (yes, she is a celebrity, and society treats people differently, so therefore, occasionally so do the police -- if she wasn't famous, they probably could've put her under house arrest in the first place. And at some point, the Sheriff has to cut his losses (all the extra effort because she IS a HUGE celebrity (not even just a regular celebrity), cause they got a few other criminals to deal with. Al Sharpton, stay the f*ck where you are and don't turn yourself into a complete clown over this. THIS will be the challenge that turns you into a parody of yourself. But I simply don't want Paris Hilton to give "fraud, waste and abuse" a free pass for the next month. So Al, stay home, my man! Ed Reyes can speak on your behalf.

Whereas, these are the biggest issues I have come across from my ZAP headquarters (secret internet location), here are all the links to all the stories from the past couple weeks that I have posted on my new "archive" blog Zuma Dogg Blog (Story Archives)

AND UNTIL ALL OF Y'ALL STOP TALKING ABOUT PARIS HILTON AND THE MAYOR'S FAMILY LIFE (Two of the city's least problems, I'm going to expand the length of my posts and not use the read more. Maybe after this, I'll post my 5500 word article on CRA/AEG's Master Boondoggle Plan for "LA LIVE" (See link below). Or maybe now would be a good time to post "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points" in case anyone missed it. (See link below)

Join ZAP, Downtown "Convention Center" Game Plan is "Do or Die" Roll of the Dice

LA LIVE $2 billion (plus) CRA/AEG Pet Project: Ritz Carlton Condos and Hollywood Convention Center, USA, Intl., Villaraigosa's ALHAMBRA Smog Parade

More Convention Center, USA, Intl: Eli Broad's Risky Grand Ave Project Puts City "On The Hook" for 99 years., More on Broad/Related/CRA/County/City Council's Grand Ave Project: Not TOO Complicated!

ZD Street Video: On The Future of LA/Density/Infrastructure, Someone Posts Ultimate Tribute to Zuma Dogg

Big Picture Behind "Manhattanization" of LA: It's FEDERAL!, CM Rosendahl Threatened to hold this picture with ZD against him, come re-elections

ZD Radio Call & Original Music PODCAST PLAYER (Streaming), LA City's "Dumb" Smart Growth (Based on LA WEEKLY article

Only thing standing in way of Smart Growth is the law and the people, Neighborhood Council concerns

Building and Saftey Bamboozle over Methane Policy: IT'S DANGEROUS, Living Wage back as hilarious motion "To END Poverty"

ZD "State of the City" Speech, ZD & Courts Agree Mayor's LAUSD Plan is a LOSER

WANTED: Leadership Inside City Hall Council Chambers, Mayor, YOU BIG DUMMY, We Told You AB 1381 Was Just Wrong!

LAUSD CONFLICT: SEMILLA Charter School Business Structure, LAUSD School Board Addresses ZD's concern of Charter School Conflicts of Interest

SCAG DELCARES SMOG FEDERAL EMERGENCY, Mayor Comes Out of Denial on LA's "Two Class System"

Antonio Goes "Gangsta" on Zev's Azz During PUBLIC MTA Meeting (LOL!), Clinton Co-Chair Puppets

Good Villaraigosa YouTube Video (Good if you like him to look bad!), Water Supply Threatens Ed Reyes' LA River Density Housing Project

CRA "Eminent Domain" Ordinance Being Drafted. (No Worries, Mate!), Why we need to "force" affordable housing in free market society

YouTube Comedy Classic: Mayor Villagrosa, Potential Metro Water Shutdown shows potential problem with LA's Skyscraper City Plans

ZD Update Thread, BIG PICTURE Story on LA City Hall

ZD's "Shady Report" (06/10/07) But their corrupt actions will live on...., DWP 6.2% Increase cause of YOUR High Density

Glassell Pk NC -- CITIZEN'S ALERT, Y'ALL!!!, PUBLIC INPUT from Zuma's ZAP inbox

DONE has to send representative to straighten out GPNC Board of Losers, Glassell Update

ZD messing with people at American Idol Auditions at Rose Bowl (season 3),

DESERT BLOG THREADS [If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding! How can you have any pudding, if you don't eat your meat? Don't kick your feet. You can't watch these, till you read EVERYTHING ELSE ABOVE! (Until you clean your plate.)

ZD sings like Steve Perry on "Don't Stop Believing", ZD on "Viral Video" Chart: #7 ZD/Gene Simmons Mask

ZD LIVE Call In TV show (Comedy/Music)



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