Sunday, February 10, 2008

" Lemon Principals "

Has your community been give a Lemon?
Well they say, "If life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade!"
Our community has a "Rotten Lemon."

Many Parents try to get rid of Principals, with no luck.
If you are successful, that Principal just ends up being another communities problem.
The Cycle needs to end.
Your Neighborhood Council can make things happen!

Here are a few Basics: I will give details later.
1. Set up a School Communication System
2. Set up a Community Oversight Comittee
3. When you have a list of issues/documentation take it to the Appropriate
LAUSD Comittee meeting. fill out a speaker card as soon as you get there.
Read your list during open comments.
4. Parents with Students are an important Stakeholder group to get involved. They are
concerned with the Health and Safety of the Children.
5. Parents want to spend time with their Children, Encourage parents to bring their kids with them to the meetings.

Bad Schools effect the Property values in your Communities. They should be everyones concern.
If you have no idea what's happening in your local schools It's time to find out.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

What has D.O.N.E. done?

Someone asked me that question today. That was a profound question.
Why? What did D.O.N.E. Do? Tip: answer questions with another question it confuses the heck out of people.

We were talking about Training, and how many Neighborhood Councils have been around for years trying to come up with the same answers.

D.O.N.E needs to train or encourage the sharing of information between Councils.
Let us use The STNC Education Position as an example.

What? Your N.C. doesn't have anyone representing your children? With the LAUSD / School Crisis, The N.C.s are in the best postion to help! Local School Accountability is the Key to fixing the schools. Many are out of control.

Unfortunately, problems aren't going to fix themselves. Students are not only Stakeholders in the Community, They are the Future!

Keep checking the Blog and we will help you along the path, to develop systems like the ones we are using.

Update us with the things that are working in your Community.

We are all here for the same purpose, to make things better!

STNC Education Rep.

New Blog and Website for LA City Issues:

With national presidential elections taking over a lot of local media coverage, time to fire up a new website and blog to cover all the local neighborhood council/community issues that affect your community. Go to to check it out. It links to this companion blog, (Formerly Neighborhood Council Blogspot.)

Here are some things sent to my inbox. A lot of the stuff blogged here will be from the emails people send me. And if you go to the website (, I put together some links to the news stories I liked from other sites.

Court Rules on Blogger's Individual Rights: Where plaintiff served subpoena on Internet service provider seeking disclosure of identify of anonymous poster on financial message board who made allegedly defamatory comments about her, trial court erred in refusing to quash subpoena because online messages--while offensive and demeaning to plaintiff--did not constitute assertions of actual fact, and plaintiff therefore could not state a viable cause of action that overcame defendant’s First Amendment right to speak anonymously on Internet.
Krinsky v. Doe 6 - filed February 6, 2008, Sixth District
Cite as 2008 SOS 906
Full text

JUST WHAT IS NEEDED IN PICO RIVERA; AN EXPENSIVE SECOND ASSISTANT MANAGER: The city has hired a second assistant city manager to ease staff workloads and to provide new expertise during new development projects, City Manager Chuck Fuentes said.

According to Fuentes, Jeff Prang, mayor pro tem for West Hollywood and special public affairs assistant to Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, brings new skills to the city's management staff.

"We're looking forward to getting lots of good service out of him," Fuentes said.

Prang, 45, will be paid an annual salary of $136,716 for his services to the city, the entry-level salary for an assistant city manager. While Fuentes and Assistant City Manager Debbie Lopez say they believe Prang will be worth the extra cost to the city and that his services are necessary, some say the city does not need a second assistant city manager.

"I don't see a need for a second city manager," Councilman David Armenta said. "When you have a lot of construction, when we're building, you have a need. But the developments are pretty much coming to an end."

full article

Friday, February 8, 2008

City of Los Angeles Faces $600-$700 Million Budget Deficit Despite New Prop S Tax

Hey Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Zuma Dogg's Batcomputer just crunched the City of Los Angeles' budget and it came up short $600-$700 million -- even with the new Prop S money.

Hope the City's bond rating doesn't drop over this. (Especially with the bond insurance crisis!)

Hey Laura Chick, perhaps an audit? Or, get Karen Sisson (Cheif Administrative Office) on the phone, Antonio. (She must know this already, if ZD's Batcomputer knows.)

I hope LACER wasn't over-extended in risky investments tied to construction companies who are now stuck with a bunch of vacant housing units that are sinking in value as I type this. (Plus, whatever other investments I hope they didn't have, that I hope didn't take a huge hit in January.)

I hope the State doesn't have to end up bailing out these pension funds, since the bond insurers are having problems of their own; and the people planning on this retirement money will be outraged that all of this has been going on if this has happened. The party is over for all these risky financial deals, like subprimes and whatnot.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hillary Clinton Invades East LA (The only place she has support) -- And Vote "No" on Prop S & 93

UPDATE: lists reasons to vote "No on S". (They mentioned all the important reasons, so yes, they included the Zuma Dogg take, y'all! Cause I'm a major factor, y'all!)Plus an internet poll. Also vote "No on Prop 93" so Nucklhead Nunez doesn't get to extend his term.

VOTER FRAUD UPDATE: Thanks to the people who sent ZD emails letting him know they will be sending people to polls with video cameras to watch for those bus caravans and to make sure poll workers keep their eyes open, instead of squeezing them shut. I hope there is no one reading this that would be upset if people are looking out for voter fraud?

CLINTON EAST L.A. RALLY: First of all, she wants to manage the country...she couldn't even manage to have a working microphone on hand. It was cutting in and out throughout the entire event. (Who's organizing these events?)

Keep Antonio off camera. He comes off like a screaming lunatic. He's worse than Hillary. Three years old like him though, because he only speaks in three word sentences, just like they do. (He should be on Sesame Street. He's already a bunch of peoples' Muppet.)

Janice Hahn, what a shame...if you watch it back on C-Span, she was looking at her watch, impatiently, and made a comment to Wendy Greuesome, just as they cut the the cute couple. (HER bad!)

I'm glad they brought out Magic Johnson to endorse Hillary, because I take my presidential cues from basketball players.

Maxine Waters came out to remind you, "I happen to be a black woman, and I endorse Hillary Clinton." (I guess she mentioned she was black for all the blind people watching.)

Gloria Molina was audibly booed when they announced her.

And of course, anyone who Nucklehead Nunez is endorsing, you obvious take your cue from that and simply vote for anyone else.

Bill Clinton must have had other plans..maybe he was cutting his deal with Obama, because he wasn't anywhere to be seen.

One of the actors from "West Wing" was in the audience. He worked on a TV set that was about the White House, so his endorsement is important. He was literally placed in the best spot, behind Hillary, like a prop, as though some idiots may think, "Oh wow! She has the endorsement of Jed Bartlett's Chief of Staff who is married to the mom from 'Malcolm in the Middle'. I loved it when Jed Bartlett was President. I'm going to vote for Schillary!"

Nunez said there has been a lot of talk about change, but he could barely talk, himself. He must have been screaming at the top of his lungs about something, cause his voice sounded like ZD's after singing "Hell's Bells" one too many times.

ZD's sings Hell's Bells and speaks on Villaraigosa.

HOW CLINTON COULD EVEN PUT NUCKLEHEAD NUNEZ ON STAGE AFTER HEARING ABOUT HIS WINE, TRAVEL AND OTHER LAVISH EXPENDITURES -- AND THE INVESTIGATIONS??? What an insult. And Nucklehead came off a little hostile and angry about his enthusiasm for change. Like when you know you are losing and are getting desperate, so you start getting "whiny" about it.

I'm glad Gray Davis was on hand to endorse Clinton! He did a great job as Governor. The people really liked him. Didn't he get kicked out of office? ARE YOU CRAZY!?!? WHY WOULD YOU EVEN LET GRAY DAVIS ON THE STAGE AT ALL???

The Mayor from Oakland gave a great civil rights speech (really, he was great), then introduced, "Gloria Molendez." Some of you also know her as Gloria Molina.

Now that I see Gloria speaking in a perfectly sane speaking voice; not shouting, screaming and coming off like a maniac nutcase as Villar, Nunez and Schillary do -- maybe they should hire her as their vocal coach. (Group discount)

DAAAAAAAAMN, even ZD has learned not to scream and shout from the podium. Between Clinton, Villar and Nucklehead, The Clinton campaign should be the party for deaf people.

Molina claims that the most polarizing political figure ever (Hillary) is going to "unite us all". Polarizers tend to divide people, not untie. That's why they are polarizing.

Anyway, Hillary just took the stage, and we all know what the sound of her shrill, shrieks do to ZD. Gotta turn her off, like the rest of her former supporters.


WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIGURE THIS OUT!!! I AM NOT KIDDING!!! SHE IS INTOLERABLE ON THE MIC. She's screams in monotone. No emotion in her voice. Just a cold, un-emotional tone, with no inflection. Take a listen next time and you will hear it for yourself. A cold, no emotion, no inflection voice. They should record her voice and use it for military interrogation. People would crack more quickly than water boarding. If anyone has the transcript from her speech, I would like to read what she said, cause I sure as hell can't listen to it.

Oh no, she didn't just use Bobby Kennedy in her speech? Did she hear who the family is endorsing? Thanks for reminding me Schillary.

Looking at Clinton and her cast of motley muppets, it's kinda sad that after eight years as first lady, that's all you could muster for support. (Why do you think Times and former supporters are jumping sides? Because THEY KNOW Hillary Clinton.

A basketball player, an actor who PLAYED a role about the White House, a shady-wino who spends public money on expensive wining and dining, Gloria Molina, and a mayor who has lost all support in the community and media alike -- and can only speak in three word sentences. LA Times is endorsing the other candidate. And her biggest assets (Bill Clinton) is now an albatross and they had to keep him off camera. Kinda sad.


And yes Schil...until you have actually BEEN President -- people ARE INDEED taking a chance on you, as much as any other candidate. (She keeps trying to mislead people into making it seem as though she already has experience as President???)

Zuma Dogg - "We Are The Champions, You Are The Chumpians"

CLICK "READ MORE" FOR "ZD's EQUAL TIME"...A comment by a Hillary supporter (if not paid political operative) and along with a reply by ZD's spin-debunker machine.


(Not as if anyone can't tell.)

And in possibly unrelated matters:

You say: "Obama has been openly and shamelessly pandering to the illegals and the way left, that's why. Which is why Hillary should be the better choice."

Um, excuse me...Schillary is rollin' with Antonio. Obama WISHES he could pander to the amount of illegals Antonio brings to the polls, I mean table.

You say, "He said at the debates that any claim that illegals were hurting the general economy, or blacks in terms of getting jobs, was scapegoating."

He may have said it, and she may not have...but first of all, since they are both pandering...looks like Schillary just lost that panders' vote to Barack. (LOL!)

Spinner says, "He just plain lied..." (Ooops, I forgot, you are the official chief economist who has the stats to claim unequivocally that he "lied.")

Funny, you are saying that Barack is going to lose big time, but he is using the strategy YOU, I mean the Clinton campaign is using. (Except he just yanked the rug out from under your strategy. HIS BAD!)

And of course since the Times finally can no longer be seen anywhere near your boss, I mean Villaraigosa -- any more than a travel agent wants to book customers on the Titanic as Kate is reaching for Leo's hand as he sinks away into the abyss -- you better take a shot at them, too. sure are anonymous.

[And in unrelated matters, will someone please tell Shit Romney that his business experience running Banes Capital is not the same business experience it takes to run country from an economic standpoint. (I'm not saying he wouldn't or couldn't do a good job, even though he is the Republican version of Hillary Clinton...but to say your business experience there is apples and oranges as President, y'all. Stop fronting you Lyle Wagoner-looking phony. You're the Tom Lebong of Presidential candidates.]