Thursday, June 14, 2007

CM Alarcon and Council Want to Change the Poverty Level and Twist All '08 Presidential Candidates To Agree, or Adios Latinos!

CM Alarcon...bro, if you wanna "end" poverty, this isn't gonna make the challenge any easier. But now, City Council wants to twist ALL Presidential candidates into agreeing to raise the poverty level, or else Alarcon and his political allies will throw that "Power of Latino Vote" stuff in your face. Man this guy Alarcon is in office two seconds, and he's off to the races like an Olympic runner on steriods with all his fantastic legislation that will tax any middle class left in the City into the poverty levels he's fighting to raise. HEY...HOW ABOUT A "LIQUID WASTE COLLECTION TAX" ON YOUR CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS EVERYTIME YOU TAX THE F*CK OUT OF EVERYONE ELSE!


WHEREAS, 4.8 millon Californians, or 13.3 percent of the state population, have income levels below the Federal Poverty Level threshold, which is $20,650 for a family of four;

and WHEREAS, the Federal Poverty Level was originally developed in 1963 by Molle Orshansky of the Social Security Administration. Orshansky took the dollar costs of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's economy food plan for families of three or more persons and multiplied the costs by a factor of three;

and WHEREAS, the Federal Poverty Level does not take into account regional differences in the cost of living, including factoring in the regional cost of housing, child care, food, health care, transportation, miscellaneous other costs and taxes;

CLICK "READ MORE" FOR A WHOLE LOT MORE "WHEREAS-ES". How about, whereas you are the ones who created this problem by ignoring the issue, and through your housing policy and taxes that have caused rates to skyrocket, and all the high-paying jobs to leave, YOU BIG DUMMIES!!!

and WHEREAS, the Self-Sufficiency Index, an alternate form of calculating the levels of povert in a region, does take into consideration these additional factors, as well as fluctuating according to the number of and age of children in the family;

and WHEREAS, according to the Self-Suffciency Index, a family of four in Los Angeles needs to earn at least $54,000 to be "self-sufficient," which means making enough money to cover basic needs;

and WHEREAS, in the City of Los Angeles, one out of three families does not make enough money to be self-suffcient;

and WHEREAS, according to the Tax Foundation, for every $1.00 that the state of California and California taxpayers send to the Federal government, only 78 cents are returned to California from the Federal government;

and WHEREAS, changing the formula of how povert is calculated from the current Federal Poverty Guidelines to a regionally-based formula, such as the Self-Sufficiency Index, would allow the State of California to increase the amount of Federal funds that come to the state, county and local programs and would bring in a more fair share of funds to the state;

and WHEREAS, the issues affecting the State or'California are often ignored during national debates, but candidates are not shy about raising money in our state; and WHEREAS, on December 10, 2007 the Democratic candidates for President of the United States wil be meeting in Los Angeles to debate issue, and on January 30, 2008 the Republican candidates for President ofthe United States will be meeting in Los Angeles to debate issues;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the City of Los Angeles supports changing the
guidelines for determining povert from the antiquated "Federal Poverty Guidelines" to a formula that takes into account regional differences in cost of living, such as the Self-Suffciency Standard;

and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the City of Los Angeles requests that each one of the candidates running in the 2008 Presidential Primary go on record as to whether or not they support updating the Federal Poverty Guidelines and invites the candidates to address the L6¡ Angeles City Council's Ad Hoc Committee on Ending Povert in Los Angeles on issues of poverty int the city of Los Angeles, state of California and the United States as a whole.

Herb Wesson
Some other CM who's signature I couldn't read (psycho handwriting)


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