Sunday, June 3, 2007


***** UPDATE *****


* ZD - You have to look into this guy Bradley. Check out the grievances filed against him.

ZD said...Looks like I didn't have to. Looks like y'all already know what time it is...and now, so does glASSell Park NC!

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Anonymous said...

This turns my stomach worse than watching Saw or Hostel.

So, I guess the lesson learned here is if you sweet talk City officials, do enough business with them, cry racism if anyone opposes you and talk "inclusion" yet perform Stalinist tactics to shut out any opposing community voices, you too can be chair of a Neighborhood Council with DONE's blessing. Sweet.

Anonymous said...

Nice summary, Zuma. Keep at it like a junkard Dogg. Don't let Bradley and his crew get away with this!

Anonymous said...

that's not bad media....its shameful, horrifying, and we're all appalled. Don't be trying to turn it into a positive, you guys got totally plastered. the nerve to say thanks for the blogging,.
omg. see you at a venue, Bradley.

moderator dogg said...

At June 04, 2007 7:17 AM, Anonymous said...

ZD - GPNC was supposed to be at two events this weekend. We brought cameras hoping to get their reaction and comment on what is being said on the blogs. Here is what we have for you.

At the opening of the Jack & Denny Smith Community Center, NO ONE was there from GPNC to man the table. Just three rocks (which somehow seems appropriate.

At the Lummis Day Festival (which GPNC *paid* to participate, NO ONE was at the GPNC table. There, you had one rock holding down a stack of Lummis Day programs.

What do we learn from this?

GPNC and their "outreach" is a joke. NO ONE is at the community tables at these events where they are supposed to be.

GPNC is happy to throw thousands in stakeholder money at something and not put in the manpower to make it worthwhile.

The media coverage that Bradley thinks is so wonderful must be so amazing that they don't have the cojones to meet their public!

Good going you bunch of scumbags!

moderator dogg said...


At June 04, 2007 7:24 AM, Anonymous said...

Just checked the NortheastLA Yahoo Group and this was posted there:

Here's a little background on the mysterious one-named Bradley:

He and his partner, Edel Vera, lived and ran their business (EBE Associates) out of the Andrita Street address for a number of years. Edel is an architect while Bradley is an "expediter" for developers. Read: "pay me to push your MWGPSP (Mt. Washington Glassell Park Specific Plan) -negligent plans through the city planning department because I woo the clerical staff with sweet talk & candy. FYI: Andrita Street is located within AREA 1 according to the GPNC map.

Bradley & Edel purchased a lot on which they built a McMansion in the 2200 block of Maricopa Drive in Glassell Park. Maricopa Drive is located within AREA 4 according to the GPNC map. Bradley must have expedited his own plans through the city planning department because he violated the MWGPSP at every turn: Sideyard? None. Setback from the street? None. Floor area ratio? Questionable as to whether he stayed within the 49% limit stated in the MWGPSP.

Bradley used the Andrita Street address to run as AREA #1 REP (read: residential representative) on the GPNC board when in fact he had already MOVED to his new residence in AREA #4. He should have run as a BUSINESS REP (an at-large position) but didn't because he had already lined up enough of his PROH-LA buddies and new-found friends from VICTORY OUTREACH to fill those positions and form his "diversity coalition".

When residents from every part of GlassellPark protested Bradley's candidacy (and subsequent victory) as AREA #1 REP, DONE said it didn't matter because Bradley was "self-affirming" the address of his residence. Bull. As one person posted on the LA Curbed website, I too self-affirm that I live in Bel Air even though my ZIP Code is 90065 but that doesn't make it so.

BTW: I have a photo of the table space allocated to the GPNC yesterday at the Jack & Denny SmithCenter grand opening. The picture shows 3 rocks sitting on the GPNC table @ 4:30. No one was manning the table at any time prior to then. How appropriate that three rocks occupied the table; at least they didn't BALK at having their picture taken!


moderator dogg said...

At June 04, 2007 9:22 AM, Anonymous said...

More info:

Paula Bagasao, the Jabba-like woman in the video was elected as an "Education Rep." She lives in a loft downtown is one of the founders of PROH-LA because she has a lot on Vista Superba she wants to develop. As to "Education," she has nothing to do with education at any of the schools in Glassell Park.

The previous Eduation rep was an active parent at the Washington Irving Middle School. She also has three developmentally disabled children. She resigned after GPNC Board member Maggie Darrett(repping Area 2) said she "did nothing" at a board meeting. She is also a member of Bradley's cabal.

Brian Fitzburgh is a developer/architect/realtor who lives in Silverlake and is also an active member of PROH-LA.

The PROH_LA board members are also trying to change the Land Use & Planning Committee to an "Economic Development Committee," which not only sounds Stalinist, but also violates the GPNC's by-laws.

Art Camarillo is a Bradley crony who is "paid" GPNC staff.

They are looking to spend another $5k + $350 a month for a "web developer" named Santiago Garfunkel from Lineal Media. Zuma, you may want to plug him into the bat computer and see if that finds anything.

Something stinks in Glassell Park and it ain't necessarily the LA River. It's wafting from their Neighborhood Clowncil.

moderator dogg said...


At June 04, 2007 9:34 AM, Anonymous said...

Just posted on the NELA List:

Rose Ibanez/ DONE has instructed Bradley/GPNC Chair that in order to change the name of Land Use Committee, as a standing committee, to Economic Development Committee, it must go through the amendment process as stated on the bylaws (Article X).

In violation of its By Laws, GPNC has changed the name of a 4yr
Land Use Committee to Economic Development Committee without a By
Laws amendment. The Land Use Committee is a standing committee as mentioned in GPNC By Laws. GPNC is now acting with this Committee.

GPNC elected an interim chair (Brian Fitzburgh)to this Econ Dev
Com which in Violation of of GPNC ByLaws

Mike Gealer

moderator dogg said...

At June 04, 2007 9:37 AM, Anonymous said...

This sounds as corrupt as Albert Robles and what he did in South Gate a couple of years back.

Anyone remember that?

Ah, good times....

moderator dogg said...


At June 04, 2007 9:58 AM, Anonymous said...


This just points out how easily Neighborhood Clowncils can be manipulated by special interests.

The term "stakeholder" is so loose as to be ridiculous, as amply pointed out by the Glassell Park Neighborhood Clowncil. And, shenanigans like we see here can easily occur.

Anonymous said...

Don't let up on Bradley. I'll eat my hat if these guys aren't up to no good.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Zuma & Matt - keep doggin' them! Bradley and his ilk are greedy and evil. Their only concern is themselves - not the community. Crony payoffs, shutting out community members...
and DONE and the City just keeps letting them get away with it.

Boy, they really are City Clowncilmembers in training, huh?