Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mount Washington Safety Alert: Disastrous Furness Avenue Project Hearing

ACTION ALERT: Disastrous Furness Avenue Project Hearing in Mount Washington!

[Sorry I just looked at this: Will post the results when the meeting lets out.]

Tomorrow, Wednesday June 13, 2007
East Los Angeles Planning Commission Meeting
Ramona Hall
4550 Figueroa Street
4:30 p.m.

A speculation developer is seeking to construct 11 houses perched on an almost cliff on Mount Washington overlooking the streets of Eldred, Granada, Lynn, and Malta. In order to construct these massive industrial looking luxury houses, massive hillside grading, enormous retaining walls, significant pylons and soil compaction, destruction of a black walnut woodland and other native trees will be necessary. This is one of the largest tract house projects proposed in Mount Washington/Highland Park
area in years.

This segment of Furness Avenue is a paper street with no access to the street system of Los Angeles. This project is dependent upon the City's approval of a second project under consideration to subdivide a tract of land between Malta and Lynn for 11 more luxury houses -- contrary to the 40,000 square foot minimum lot size zoning of the tract. The project approvals issued by the Planning Department have no plan for adequate fire and safety access to these new houses, no secondary means of access to the properties, and no conditions assuring that even a fire truck hammerhead or
turn around is physically possible on this extremely steep slope.

Persons living on Eldred, Granada, Lynn and Malta are strongly urged to get local residents, many who have received no notice of this project out to the Area Planning Commission meeting tomorrow. The community must show its alarm at a project that appears to have been reviewed and approved by City planners without ever visiting the project site.

For more information, please contact Martha Espelage-Alvarez of the Mount Washington Homeowners Alliance or Mark Slater at or (323) 580-4366. The developer is hoping to slip this project through after delaying the hearing for six months and hoping we will not notice that it is on the Planning Commission agenda.

Daniel Wright - President
Mt Washington Homeowners Alliance

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