Saturday, September 8, 2007

Zuma Times Spotlights LAUSD "All City" Bandmember and Discusses School Programs: AND LAUSD's "All City" Marching Band -- LIVE!!!

Just Call Zuma Dogg the Dick Clark of LAUSD as he presents a musical performance and interview with LAUSD's All City Lead Chair (Trumpet). (A student achievement ZD was unable to acheive...he was only 3rd chair, y'all and eventually switched to the less competive French Horn.)

Student Achievement and community outreach at it's finest as Zuma Dogg meets Pedro of LAUSD "All City" Marching Band (Lead Chair) to discuss the band's uniform problems, the importance of after school/ciricular programs -- AND -- a LIVE video of YOU LAUSD "All City" Marching Band!!!

Zuma and Pedro of LAUSD All City Band

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Zuma Dogg & Bill O'Reilly Alert the U.S. To Non-Profit Abuse Concerns AND NEW ZD TV SHOWS (Embedded Video)

Zuma’s Video Blog: Including Embedded Videos not on YouTube

Zuma’s Political Investigative Journalism Blog

More ZD radio calls & Original Zuma Songs for iPod Official ZD site

ZUMADOGG/ UPDATE: ZD speaks with Bill O'Reilly over LA City/County non-profit abuse concerns, especially regarding Federal money (public money) for Charter schools. PLUS: NEW ZD TV SHOWS from over the weekend, plus some other ZD e-media you may have missed. NOTICE: Please check out the top video for a special bonus, "Zuma Dogg sings LIVE, WITH The Bee Gees, kinda. (It's the debut of "The Zee Gees!"

NEW: Zuma on Bill O’Reilly Radio & ZD for full hour on local LA radio show

Here are some clips of Zuma Dogg at Los Angeles City Hall, County Board of Supervisors and Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). PLUS ZD & BEE GEES!

Zuma Dogg LIVE at the Operator11 studios. Including ZD's first ever appearance (on H. Stern Show), NEW freestyle singing and rapping, political activism apperances at City Hall, School District and Board of Supervisors -- AND ZD with Whitestarr (from VH1 reality show "The Rock Life") including their new video "Beverly Hills Hotel", plus "ZD sings at the Library" and "Gene Simmons Mask at City Hall". (Low mic audio level, but the clips are o.k. volume).

Zuma Dogg LIVE on Mayor Sam (Tuesday Night 08/14)

Clips from Funny show featuring Zuma Dogg and his political activism in the City of Los Angeles at Venice Beach and City Hall.

Clips from "The Zuma Dogg Show" as seen in Los Angeles on cable TV. More ZD video at (Comedy/Music/Activism/Funny)

Zuma Dogg LIVE on Mayor Sam (8/14/07) pt 2

Zuma on YouTube (Many clips. Scroll Arrows.)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Video: Zuma Dogg at LAUSD School Board Meeting Plus Steve Barr of Green Dot Charter Comments, Too

Here's video from ZD addressing Los Angeles Unified School District for the first time regarding Charter Schools. Also featuring comments by Green Dot Founder/CEO Steve Barr, LAUSD Board President Monica Garcia and a Locke school teacher. [Also features Zuma Dogg singing with the Bee Gees AND Greenday!]

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