Thursday, June 7, 2007

Memo to Villaraigosa, Carol Baker Tharp, Linda Lucks, Los Angeles City Council and Stakeholders Regarding NC "Chahootsism" (A Big F-ing Racket)

To: Carol Baker Tharp/Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE), Mayor Antonio Villarigosa, Linda Lucks (BONC), Los Angeles City Council, and the stakeholders of Los Angeles

Fr: ZAP (Zuma's Activist Program)
Re: NC Cahootsism/Follow-up to Tharp's response on Brown Act/Notificiation
Dt: June 7, 2007

Dear Carol,

Maybe some of what you said COULD be interpreted to address SOME of the problems: ie: regarding notification and outreach. So I referenced that on my blog post.

Here's something to consider. I heard you say, "More youth outreach/participation." OF COURSE..what a great idea. EXCEPT, not if they are voting. And I was contacted by NC stakeholders in Lincoln Heights who say nine year olds and sixteen year old have voted.

And the elections are held INSIDE Lincoln Heights High, so the kids can easily vote. And I am waiting for an email from someone who called me today to inform me that when one of the students voting was asked, "What are you doing, what is that slip of paper for?" (Names off who to vote for.) The child replied, "I don't know, but if we do this, we get extra credit." So the person asked, "What does that slip of paper say?"

Now supporters of youth participation can claim, "Well, since NC doesn't have an actual vote, it doesn't matter anyway. It's not official."

However, NC is a city agency and accepts City money. I don't see how Bradley of GPNC can argue that Boardmembers shouldn't have to fill out a Form 700.

And if it wasn't official, under the City Charter, then the Brown Act would not be required.

So, certainly, no one under 18 years old should be allowed to vote in any city election, including NC, which is an official city agency using city taxpayer money.

And the other issue, brought to my attention in the past 24 hours, regards stakeholders voting in multiple NC elections in different areas. (You shouldn't have more than one vote because some of these NCs overlap in projects and stake.)

Also, no form of identification is required for some NC elections, while other NCs do require identification. So that is unjust. And to the ones who do not check identification, I have been told in LHNC, Cedillo's AIDS MEMORIAL WALL coalition got fed up with NC opposition, so they had their little election day caravan of people (many of whom could have easily been from outside the area, since ID was not checked), who voted in a board of memebers from the Wall Coalition.

AND, in Glassell Park, Bradley and his Victory Outreach coalition got fed up with NC memeber opposition and LITERALL BUSSED PEOPLE IN FROM ALL OVER THE PLACE and overtook the board. (IDs not checked. Had they been, this may not have happened.)

So, I started typing this email to let you know I could at least read into your comments as being more than just about Brown Act -- but then you just got a partial transcript of the past 24 hours of the phone calls to ZD from Glassell Park/Lincoln Hts. (Mt. Wash, Boyle Hts, Venice stories as well...but these represent the citywide problem.) Especially, if you read what a Glassell stakeholder had to say about the way King Bradley rules his NC empire. (Links on INCLUDING AN OUTRAGEOUS VIDEO OF THE MYSTERIOUS ONE KNOWN AS BRADLEY IN ACTION AT THIS WEEK'S MEETING. IT'S IMPORTANT TO SEE, BECAUSE IT SHOWS HE OBVIOUSLY FEELS SO COMFORTABLE AND PROTECTED, HE DOESN'T EVEN CARE IF HE IS CAUGHT ON TAPE...AS LONG AS HE GETS HER NOTES AND SEE WHAT THE OPPOSITION IS SAYING, I GUESS.)

Anyway, if you are still reading, then you deserve a sincere thank you, simply for that.

Warm Regards,
Zuma Dogg
ZAP (Zuma's Activist Program)

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