Thursday, June 21, 2007


* ZUMA DOGG ON TIME WARNER TONIGHT: 8pm on all Public Access Channels! [The HEAT!]

* ZD REVIEWS THE REVIEW COMMISSION: ZD recaps his 912 Commission trip on YouTube. Click here for video

* MAYOR SAM just checked in on the Z-phone to say he sees the "RE-CALL JACK WEISS" signs up in Sherman Oaks. And he says the signs look professional as hell, y'all...that means they got mad money behind the effort, on the realest, dough!

* SW MUSEUM/AUTRY EXPANSTION ("Improvements") EIR: YOUR Public Input is requested

Your Draft EIR comments due 6/28/2007...

City of Los Angeles
Department of Recreation and Parks

Notice of Preparation and Notice of Public Scoping Meeting

Project Name: The Autry National Center Improvements
Project Address: 4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Angeles, CA 90027
Community Plan Area: Hollywood Community Plan
Council District: 4
Comment Due Date: June 28th, 2007

Click here for the whole memo

BOYLE HEIGHTS NC IS NOT DECERTIFIED AND IS NOT GOING TO BE DECERTIFIED: Some say Huizar & Cahootians purposefully miss quorums to prevent action and new "non-cahootian" members from being voted and sworn in. However, it could be confusing BH NC by laws and un-organization that is the problem:

Click here for possible DONE recommendations

VILLARAIGOSA'S NEW APPOINTEE "CZAR" CARR: YIKES! ZD isn't letting the cat out of the bag when I reveal Jeff Carr served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Staff for Sojourners. And based on a simple internet search on the, I was shocked to see this group has been described as a (and I shudder to say) Marxist, communist philosphy-based organization. Read all the hideous details at Clinton For President Blog. And if all of this comes out so easily, with a ZD Search Engine search...Villaraiogsa MUST know it would all come out. So it looks like the mayor kinda had to go along with this appointment. Cause one of the bloggers had a perceptive comment. Carr is a bigger fish with more political power than mere Mayor Antonio. It's the whole WCVI crew of Villar/Nunez/DeLeon/Cedillo/Aguilar/A. Gonzalez/WCVI/et al. And under WCVI, the non-profit can spend as much money flying any elected official he wants, anywhere in the world, for business under the guise of "education". ("Yeah, gotta fly some politicians out of the country, to show them some interesting "education" related things!") Meanwhile, no campaign lobby reform laws. Go to the blog link and read the top couple threads.

And remember, tune in tonight at 8pm on your Time Warner Public Access Channel.

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