Thursday, June 7, 2007

Memo To VIllariagosa, DONE, BONC, Los Angeles City Council and Neighborhood Council Regarding NC Corruption and Overall "Cahootsism"

To: Villaraigosa, DONE, BONC, LA City Council, NC Stakeholders, Media, ZAPPERS
Fr: Zuma Dogg (ZAP - Zuma's Activist Program)
Re: Neighborhood Council "Cahootsism"
Dt: June 07, 2007

It's deeper than I care to get into. Addressing some of the things happening at the NC puppet level should be enough to call attention to the "Cahootsism" that is taking place between various Neighborhood Councils Citywide and the City of Los Angeles.

Bradley from E.B.E. who's name appears as "representative" or "expediter" on various construction projects pending zoning variance approvals from Planning -- only to have these projects have to be constantly appealed by the community. But of course they are approved anyway.

So that triggered a Citywide avalanche of people, mostly disenfranchised NC members, many of whom have dropped out, to call ZD on the cell phone, followed up by emails (or vica vesa) regarding NCs in Lincoln Hts, Eagle Rock, Boyle Hts, Valley Village, Silverlake (Bradley's E.B.E. NC Annex) and of course the NC that unleashed ZD on NC...Venice NC. (The biggest circus in town, rightfully so.)

Also reports of nine year olds and minor high school kids voting. And an overall overtaking over the NCs by activist groups who bus people in from outside the area, do not check identification, then elect a slate of boardmembers voted in by the caravan. Plus, people voting in multiple NCs, because again, no ID verification.

People who defend this process, argue that it is OK because NC doesn't have a vote and isn't really official, and all that.

Except, it IS a City agency, that used City money, and if NCs are required to follow the Brown Act, that means it's official -- and should adhere to city election procedures (such as no nine year olds, and only one vote per person in the area in which they reside.)

People are saying they are a stakeholder because they belong to the Rotary Club, or have a job in the area and do you think NC elections verify?

Many more problems with the big f-ing racket known as LANC.
Check out all the coverage, including Stakeholder testimony regarding outrageous behavior and rough-shot ruling by E.B.E.'s Bradley -- and the latest videos that show how this guy has NO fear of being video taped being grabbing a paper out of a lady's hand and holding it out of her reach -- WITH CAMERAS ROLLING. Now that's a guy who knows he's got nothing to worry about in case you complain about him. He's all cahootsie with the people you complain to. It's all on the blogs.

Bottom line...pull the plug on NC before the whole City unravels over this.

And please, show up to the Planning meeting on June 26th when they rule on another appeal against Bradley's zoning variance project. So check out the blog and read the "cahootsism" complain, filed by City Attorney Inspector Control General D-O-Double-Gee.

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