Sunday, October 21, 2007

VIDEO UPDATE: LAUSD Parental Outrage Hits ZD's Inbox

Either ZD and Mayor Sam's blog is getting more popular, or the City is getting a lot shadier. Because I'm having a nervous breakdown from all the phone calls and emails I have been getting these past couple weeks -- and especially, this past week.

LAUSD: An LAUSD parent came across one of my threads, and they contacted me -- then they passed my info on to another parent...and it all kinda snowballed from there. Let's just say there is extreme parental dissatisfaction in the Valley regarding what is happening this year under the new school board. And some safety issues that didn't just pop-up over night -- but is escalating, and the parents who have contacted me feel like they are being stone-walled this year when it comes to parental input and scholastic reaction. (I'll basically be taking all the emails and faxes and compiling them into a thread for this weekend, if I can keep my A.D.D. in stand by for that, for all who spent time on the phone filling me in and taking time to type up waaaaaaaay too many detailed and extensive emails.


And it's a change in plans for Antonio's hard "NO" regarding inclustionary affordable housing being forced on developers, to a "let's do it" approach. How shady the whole thing will become, or if it is on the "up and up" will probably be discussed by Mayor Sam readers. But first, take some time to read the LA Times article on this plan, ZD will dig up some archive threads on this topic. (And will ZD's "affordable housing" coach please check their inbox.) full story

ILLEGAL VENDING UPDATE: Those who feel the City's illegal vending policy (the fact that they allow it to go on) is hurting the City in many ways will be glad to know that CM Jose Huizar and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa plan on doing something about it starting tomorrow morning (Saturday) at Ramona Gardens.

CITY PHONE TAX: YIKES! And remember doesn't matter what they say today on the phone before the NO campaign starts. Of course they will say, "Yes" to 9% compared to 10%" on the phone. But wait till the radio talk shows, newspapers and TV ads hit. That might sway some folks. We'll see.

FABIAN "NUCKLEHEAD" NUNEZ: If any publicity is good publicity, you're getting a whole lot of good publicity. [NEW AUDIO: Big Joe from East LA calls into Kevin James Radio Show on KRLA 870 and not only scores points with Kevin, but triggers an avalanche. YIKES!]

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AND TO EVERYONE WHO SENT ME AN EMAIL THIS WEEK: I WILL BE READING THEM ALL, CATCHING UP ON ALL OF IT, AND BLOGGING IT HERE THROUGHOUT THE WEEKEND AS LONG AS MY A.D.D. DOESN'T FLARE UP. (I know you worked hard on these issues in the community, and you took time to type up an email and send it to I at least wanted to put this thread out there so you know I didn't forget.

AND's 25-28%, not 13...and they DID get a raise last contract. And if any elected officials or journalists wanna double check their facts, or even get the facts in the first place, feel free to email me at or call me at 310-928-7544 and I'll be glad to answer your questions or share info with you.

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