Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Is Antonio Villaraigosa Looking To Slide A Bunch Of Last Minute Taxes on February Ballot Without Proper Vetting?

Captain Jack Sparrow (a "crew" of 5-9 people throughout the City with scary-inside connections and post the tips on Mayor Sam’s blog) must have seen the same memo from 1993 that Zuma Dogg based his previous story on (about a newly buzzed-about "personal income tax" (or whatever name they come up with) that the City talked about in the past ('93), and may be discussing again for the future. (NEAR future!)

But first, this comment from market research guru Dave Elliott: Beware market research polls. You can ask someone if they will say “yes” to 9% instead of 10% -- and of course they will say “yes” when asked. Who wouldn’t when they are asked in that “analytical” (singular) context. But wait until they show up at the poll and see three, four (or more) new taxes on the ballot. (The “wHolistic” (entire) context.) That’s when they vote “no” across the board. Or may be forced to “choose” between them, and your market research “yes” becomes voting day reality “no”, like Prop H. Especially after the media picks up on the multiple taxes to be placed on the ballot (so they are aware going into the booth/already angry).
Captain Jack Sparrow (Mayor Sam’s Blog) said… “And who should be sitting near to us but a certain young man we recognized from the 3rd floor and his female colleague. [A guy from Villaraigosa’s office was sitting with someone.]
They were discussing the meeting whereby a number of sots sat ‘round a table and discussed how to raise money and, if you will, a series of “last minute taxes” will be thrown on the February ballot. [City Hall has to figure out ways to raise money to cover the $300 million plus budget gap they are facing – and worse (if some lawsuits do not go in the mayor’s favor) – so let’s blow some shady fastballs (new taxes) on the February ballot.]
NEW IDEAS from 1993 (See Also: CM Richard Alattore): The phone tax, the parcel tax, the professional license tax, the sewer tax, the administrative fee tax, the veterinarian tax for the purported funding of care and feeding of animals in City shelters, the imposition of a separate City sales tax, student bus pass tax, entertainment tax for going to the movies as if going to the movies isn’t expensive enough, savvy?

[The guy from the mayor’s office] says, “What I hate is the fact that it’s a tax without proper vetting and referendum, rushed onto the ballot before the general public has a chance to object, dressed up as something good to help the City but the monies going into other coffers. And its so last minute! It’s not fair, but that’s what they think so that’s what we have to do. Come up with some way to market these things and make them all touchy-feely so that the general public feels good about allowing their hard earned dollars to be stolen out from underneath them. Thank goodness I live in (an adjacent city) so I don’t have to put up with this crap where I live.”

(Captain Jack’s jaw drops) Bloody hell! A sot with a conscience? Surely he must be the only one? (Grins slyly) All a pirate needs is one soft heart to leave the door open, savvy? Are there any more sots out there like him? (Scans horizon) Let’s see what the sots have to say for themselves, shall we and then we’ll make a decision.

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