Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Daily News Reports 13% Union Increase...Zuma Times Hears It Is More Like 25%

Zuma Times Says Daily News Got It Wrong on Union Hike Amount: THEY SAY 13%..Zuma Times says more like 25%. ZT has better sources, though.

From "The contract will now go before a union vote and then return to the council for final approval. Contract details were expected to remain secret until the first union meetings, tentatively set for Friday. But it is believed to be for at least a 13 percent increase over the life of the contract."

But Zuma Dogg of says it will be more like 25% over five years. And we all know ZD’s sources are better than City Council.

And CM Janice Hahn: You gotta stop quoting your info from other less credible media sources like newspapers, and stick to Zuma Dogg's "Zuma Times". That way, Karen Sisson will not have to correct you on camera during the Council meetings. (Or Janice, you can just call me direct. (310) 928-7544.

Meanwhile, here's an audio version of the Daily News story for Antonio so he doesn't have to try and read it.
(310) 928-7544

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