Monday, October 29, 2007

DONE's "Congress of Neighborhoods"...The Who Said It Best..."Meet the new boss, same as the old boss! "


From Dr. Daniel Wiseman as sent to ZD by someone else. (It's makin' the rounds!)


These pages have seen a series of emails titled "Bridgett Johnson at the Congress."
They are a "dialogue" between Bob Gelfand and Greg Nelson regarding a teaching session at the Saturday, 10/27, "Congress of Neighborhoods" on how to create (?influence) the news media.

These emails "broke down" into a discussion between Greg Nelson and Bob Gelfand of Ms. Johnson's political points of view. She is (apparently) very conservative on the subject of Income Taxes ... and has written in favor of eliminating the IRS. So what? How about discussing the $ 10,000 paid to the "professional" who have the four "Congress planning sessions?" Greg didn't answer Bob's criticisms but (in true "ad hominum" fashion) narrowed his focus to a request for an apoloty. I wonder; as a former DONE GM and as the DONE GM who created the "Congress of Neighborhoods" what is Greg's current role in the preparation of these meetings. He was at the planning sessions.

How irrelevant to NC priorities can we get?

The views of the "coordinator" and Greg Nelson seem to have prevailed at the planning sessions. How about discussing the multiple ideas and offers brought to these sessions by STAKEHOLDERS who were rebuffed and refused recognition? Was there really a transfer of control/planning for this "Congress of Neighborhoods" to the STAKEHOLDERS?

The REAL ISSUE raised by the noble ISSUESBOB is the manner in which the "Congress of Neighborhoods" was planned and the way it will occur: Not only Bob but also many others (myself included) who attended the four "planning sessions" came away very dissapointed.

This "Congress of Neighborhoods" was supposed to be very different from previous ones.

This "Congress of Neighborhoods" is the first one produced under the "new management" of Carol Baker Tharp and Bong Hwan Kim. Carol Baker Tharp and Bong Hwan Kim came into their office promising our STAKEHOLDERS a "new approach;" and much greater involvement of the STAKEHOLDERS (???of the NCs). Did we see that in the planning of the "Congress of Neighborhoods?" I don't think so. ...and... why is this argument between ISSUES BOB and GREG714? Where is DONE? What did DONE do? What had DONE done, lately?

First of all, this email has carefully characterized the "Congress of Neighborhoods" in quotes.

The words "Congress of Neighborhoods" are a caricature (an exagerated display, a satirical portrayal, a satire) of a "Congress." It is not a "Congress" ... it is not a place where representatives meeting to discuss and decide issues.

There was a "Congress of Neighborhoods" proposed in the 1999 Charter Revision. Article IX, Section 901(c) states that DONE shall "...arrange Congress of Neighborhood meetings, if requested to do so by recognized neighborhood councils." Never has there been a "formal" and "real" request from the NCs to hold these meetings. Now, I wonder, did the framers of this Article envision semi-annual convention-like meetings or were they leaving the door opened for a "real" Congress where the "recognized" NCs could gather, discuss, plan and propose solutions? In the past, I have called it a "Convention" but conventions are gatherings of like-minded people to meet and work with each other on common problems. This time, it is not even a meeting just a "gathering."

So... here we go again:
1. DONE promised but did not deliver on really involving the STAKEHOLDERS (one can not reallly hope to involve such diverse and intentionally-variegated groups like NCs) in organizing this year's "Congress of Neighborhoods."

2. This year's "Congress of Neighborhoods" will have a series of "break-out" sessions covering topics which will interest some, confuse some, bore most and leave us wondering what new and real ideas we took home from this day.

3. This year's "Congress of Neighborhoods" is the cheapest. Costing about $ 40,000 whereas last year's cost over $ 150,000. Ending at noon. Serving no lunch. Serving no defined educational or organizational purpose.

4. This year's "Congress of Neighborhoods" will have no exhibits; no way for STAKEHOLDERS to connect with the CITY's DEPARTMENTS, no way to talk to their staffs, no way to carry away their brochures. "NO WAY"... Also, the "non-Departmental" exhibits, City Watch, Your Neighborhood Council, etc., won't be there. This was the year when the exhibits should have been increased in number, variety and value. "NO WAY" says DONE. Well.... thaaaaaaaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

So ... as always ... this "Congress of Neighborhoods," mis-named as it always has been, mis-planned as it always has been and (probably) mis-managed as it often has been ... it will go on again.

The greatest value of the "Congress of Neighborhoods" is that it gives STAKEHOLDERS from all over the City a chance to get together at one time and place. It gives us a chance to meet others from all over the City and get to know how similar their problems (our problems) really are.

With all that said ...
1. I look forward to these meetings.
2. I hope to see YOU there.
3. It is true that they were "created" in a previous DONE administration ... and not in accordance with the City Charter (Article IX, Section 901c). ... but so what?
3. It is sad that the NCs have not yet taken full control (from DONE) of the planning and management of the "Congress."
4. It is sadder that DONE is proposing "breaking up" these meetings into smaller, regional meetings. (OK ... let's do that ...BUT... DON'T DISCONTINUE the big City-Wide Bi-Annual Meetings that we call the "Congress of Neighborhoods.")

Finally .... have we "been honest, here?"
what do you think?
are you going to the "Congress?"

Daniel Wiseman

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Anonymous said...

Found this osted on the neallist.

SHAME on the GPNC, LA CITY Depts and Officials for continuing to
collaborate with BRADLEY as spokesman, planner, and representative
for a Multi Cultural Diversity Forum.

BRADLEY has a long documented self serving history of abusing the
race card in attempting to validate his agenda and excuse his abusive

Here BRADLEY's declared Mandate attempts to validate, yet is so polar
opposite to his performance. See added parenthesis for reality.
"The GPNC's mandate(?) to promote (in)tolerance,
(non)inclusiveness, and transparency(like a brick)through
(dictatorial) Leadership and (self-serving)Empowerment is having a
positive(alienating)influence in and around our communities."

It is shocking and disgraceful,that the GPNC and LA City would
affiliate with BRADLEY in this forum after BRADLEY's well known
ANTI-SEMITIC remarks and insensitivity.

Not only did BRADLEY never acknowledge that this event was rescheduled
BECAUSE the Human Rights Commission noted it was on Yom Kippur, the
Holiest of High Holy Jewish Holidays,
BRADLEY disparaged the City officials that rightly advised that the
Forum be rescheduled due to Yom Kippur, saying that his expended time
and $ deemed it too late to give in to "a selfish group"(Jews).

Let's not forget that is the same BRADLEY that once said,
"If the City (LA) wants to build some pyramids, they'll
find some Jews"

Well, I'm not building any pyramids. I urge others not to as well.
BOYCOTT the FORUM if BRADLEY is involved!

Mike Gealer