Wednesday, May 30, 2007

PUBLIC COMMENT on Los Angeles Councilmember Jose Huizar Staffer Potential "Conflicts of Interest'

Original Story

It's pretty funny that Councilmember Huizar is willing to hire staff and then not force them to remove themselves from potential conflicts of interests in their community due to their new role. It's also pretty funny that in Jessica Wethington's bio on the Neighborhood Council Review Commission ( doesn't mention that she works for him.

It's not about "oh, well it doesn't matter what we do, some people will never like us". It's about making sure that the public has confidence in those who were elected to represent them and their ability to let the community have a voice that represents the values and the principles of those who live within it without the fear of having it be directly influenced by the Powers At Be.

Jessica Wethington needs to resign both her roles - Member of the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council and Member of the Neighborhood Council Review Committee. If the Councilmember was going to clean out some of the staff that weren't cutting it, he should have also cleaned out some of his staffmember's extracurricular activities.

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