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It seem the City of Los Angeles, under Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, with his pal Council President Eric "Garshady" Garcetti has a bad habit of kinda deciding what we want for us. According to the new LA Weekly article, which reveals the City's plans to create a community of 40 story skyscrapers, where single unit residents -- and driving your car, are a thing of the past. In fact, the plan is to create so much traffic congestion, that people will be FORCED to hop on the bus. They talk about a lot of proposals for "subway to the sea" and all this new "high speed magic bullet trains" and "light rail", but like I said, "proposed". And as I learned from my LA Weekly article on SCAG, coming up with the idea; then getting everyone to agree; then finding the money are not always the same thing.


The article is an mega-anvil that I will be forced to savor, piece by piece, since it is so prodigious in scope, scale and volume; and because I have the worst case of A.D.D. in human history, and no dinero for the “tobacco con loco” – it’s gonna take me a while to finish it. (A while to get the money for my Prop 215 A.D.D. medication, not to read it.)

But here’s what I took out of it, so far:

THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES, YOU BIG DUMMIES. If you read Zuma Dogg’s article on SCAG, which allows all of this bad planning to happen, you can see the City is at it, once again, with their “cart-before-the-horse” Planning Strategy”.

But this time, it’s a real matter of public safety. Actual elected City officials admit that the plan to steam roll all the single unit, automobile driving dwellers; build forty-story condos until the only nature is the green moss growing between sidewalk cracks; which will cause the traffic to become such an unmanageable, intolerable, gridlock nightmare – that people will jump out of there cars, and into the busses.

They call it, “the problem will be the solution”. In other words, it will get so bad, it will force people to take the bus, rail and subway systems, that they admit are not ready to handle the solution – and won’t be for a long time after the problem maxes out???

I love the NYC lifestyle, where you walk to work, take the subway or train in from Jersey/Long Island. The City was BUILT that way, from scratch. AND NYC is only a few miles long, from end to end.

THE PROBLEM WITH LOS ANGELES, IS IT IS WAY TO GEOGRAPHICALLY LARGE. Unless you make two or three transfers, you have way too far of a walk, in most cases once you get off the bus. And the subway to the sea isn’t gonna go to Van Nuys or Agoura Hills. And you can’t fire everyone who works in the City of LA who lives in Agoura Hills, just because they didn’t move into your congested “mixed-use” fantasyland.

So here’s the plan: Build way too much density, first; which will create such a bad traffic problem, people will be forced to take the busses, stuck in the same traffic mess; they are going to (try and) build new rail, subways and bus lines (and even if they can pull it all together and create a George Jetson transportation system) – it is based on the premise that society will change as a whole.

That the auto-centric region of Los Angeles will switch to the metric system, end poverty, love one another in harmony, stop using transfats, give everyone raises out of the goodness of their heart, eat all their broccoli, exercise everyday and stop driving.

Meanwhile, every condo still has two parking spaces, anyway. It is not for the City to create policy based on the speculation that society will reform. People twenty years ago made zoning laws to protect the community and prevent this from happening. Now, Eric Garcetti keeps making all these liberal appeasements that allow the political hammer to crack down on anything in his and his developer-friends way. After all, there is no money to be made in NOT building 40 story condos. Right, Eric? Right, Antonio? Right, US District Court?

THIS WHOLE CITY IS ONE BIG, F*CKING RACKET! for David Zahnister's article how we are so screwed.

HOMEOWNER ALERT: SELL YOUR HOMES AND GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN. They are preparing the City for all the international money that will be moving here, and preparing the second-class transportation system for all the low income workers who will have to commute in to serve the wealthy who can afford to live in this Garcetti "Elegant Smartass Growth" world.

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