Saturday, February 9, 2008

What has D.O.N.E. done?

Someone asked me that question today. That was a profound question.
Why? What did D.O.N.E. Do? Tip: answer questions with another question it confuses the heck out of people.

We were talking about Training, and how many Neighborhood Councils have been around for years trying to come up with the same answers.

D.O.N.E needs to train or encourage the sharing of information between Councils.
Let us use The STNC Education Position as an example.

What? Your N.C. doesn't have anyone representing your children? With the LAUSD / School Crisis, The N.C.s are in the best postion to help! Local School Accountability is the Key to fixing the schools. Many are out of control.

Unfortunately, problems aren't going to fix themselves. Students are not only Stakeholders in the Community, They are the Future!

Keep checking the Blog and we will help you along the path, to develop systems like the ones we are using.

Update us with the things that are working in your Community.

We are all here for the same purpose, to make things better!

STNC Education Rep.

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