Sunday, February 10, 2008

" Lemon Principals "

Has your community been give a Lemon?
Well they say, "If life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade!"
Our community has a "Rotten Lemon."

Many Parents try to get rid of Principals, with no luck.
If you are successful, that Principal just ends up being another communities problem.
The Cycle needs to end.
Your Neighborhood Council can make things happen!

Here are a few Basics: I will give details later.
1. Set up a School Communication System
2. Set up a Community Oversight Comittee
3. When you have a list of issues/documentation take it to the Appropriate
LAUSD Comittee meeting. fill out a speaker card as soon as you get there.
Read your list during open comments.
4. Parents with Students are an important Stakeholder group to get involved. They are
concerned with the Health and Safety of the Children.
5. Parents want to spend time with their Children, Encourage parents to bring their kids with them to the meetings.

Bad Schools effect the Property values in your Communities. They should be everyones concern.
If you have no idea what's happening in your local schools It's time to find out.

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